KFC, one of the most populer fast food restaurants in the world.

but it has a dark side too . . .

chickens that are killed for KFC, lives are filled with horror but be warned, the chickens that are killed for Mcdonalds, inghams, steggles, red rooster, and hungry jacks are the same as KFC chicken,

when the chicks are born, their beaks are burnt off with a hot blade to prevent feather pecking,

despite commen belief, debeaking does not feel like your fingernails being clipped, it’s like having the tips of you fingers cut off, this is done without anaesthetic.

later, when the chickens arrive at the factory farm they are dumped on the ground, and left there,

the conditions that they live in is horrific, the air is putrid, and the ground is a mix of manue and woodchips.

they are fed antibiotics to survive in these awful conditions just for one month.

and they are also fed hormones too make them grow faster so their ready for slaughter in just thirty five-forty nine days, instead of living their natural lifespan of ten to fifteen years.

due to the fast growth, birds are crippled and are stuggleing too walk so starve and dehydrate to death.

a lot of the time, due to the putrid air, the birds stuggle to breath, who’s lungs collapse and drown trying their best to stay alive.

when the birds reach slaughter weight, workers catch them, often holding five in each hand roughly throw them in to crates, commonly breaking legs, neaks, and wings.

as their shipped to the slaughterhouse the birds are bewilded and terrified, it is the first time, and the last time they will ever see a glimpse on sunlight.

some birds will fall down on the roadside, only to be put out of their misery at the vets, to a peaceful ending.

after a long and tiring trip, which some of the birds never made, they finally arrive at the slaughterhouse, in

which the birds are hung up on shackles and dipped an elecric bath to stun them, their throats are slit, and they are dipped in boiling water.

but some of these bird miss the electric bath and the throat slitter and are scaled alive.

if you ever think about eating KFC again, think about the crippled babys you are eating

or go to

http://www.peta.org to order a free vegetarian starter kit.

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battery hens

did you know, that 150,000 hens in australia are still confined to battery cages?

these hens are crammed into tiny wire cages so small they can’t even turn around, chickens should be able to walk around, peck at the ground, and find a quiet spot and lay an egg, but these hens have become into sad miserable egg laying husks.

but it doesn’t have to be this way, more and more compassionate people are realising that to free chickens from cages, you just have to refuse cage eggs, easy!

so if you eat eggs, GO AND GET SOME CHOOKS!!!

for more information head to . . .  (www.animalsaustraliaunleashed.com)